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SSL offloading to load balancer

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Hi, My website is behinds Load balancer. Currently SSL is installed on all web-servers. We tried to install SSL on LB but it didn't work. 

We install SSL certificate on LB and removed certificate from webservers. it was throwing error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.

Then we changed Base URL (in conf_global.php) https:// to http:// Now website is loading over https but without images and css/js as this is taking http path from conf_global.

How can we install SSL on LB and where to change path for images/css/js ?

FYI, We have 3 webservers, 1 File Server and 2 Database servers.


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Your load balancer needs to accept HTTPS and pass HTTPS. Sounds like it isn’t doing this and there is also a redirect happening to direct HTTPS to HTTP and then with our software configured for HTTPS we redirect HTTP to HTTPS so you would need to work with your hosting provider or server administrator to get things configured correctly. 

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I think he's trying to direct HTTPS to HTTP intentionally.  (If he's attempt to do SSL offload that is....)

If you edit your storage method, you should be able to do this.

ACP > System > Overview > Files > Storage Settings > Configurations

Edit your storage method and you'll see something like:

Could contain: Page, Text

You'll want to provide a new custom URL.  (Don't allow it to begin with "//" which will set it to use whatever the server's settings are.)

If you have a problem forcing it to save, just setup a duplicate vhost on the load balancer/DNS and call it like storage.yourdomain.com.   Use it like you would a CDN URL.  

By the way...  you can define a different storage method and use it for different types of objects.  For example, uploads could be sent to one AWS bucket while themes are set to a NFS mount with a different URL, etc.  

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