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Wrong info - Fresh new installed community

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6 minutes ago, opentype said:

Which is usually an advantage because one can tweak the class declarations to fit the specific theme. 

Well, yes. That's also one way to view it.

It's just that I know someone who did exactly that, but every time they added a new theme, they forgot to copy over the rule in the new custom.css file. Someone would always point out the group names had lost their formatting, and they'd remember about it. 😂

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On 2/9/2023 at 7:23 AM, drawncodes said:

Quick heads up here, they are using on groups custom html with gradients and such, when used, on profile the first post will appear like this, even when you change a photo it will break it as well. This is actually a known issue since 4.0.x but didn't get fixed in any of the updates.

<span style="-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;-webkit-background-clip: text;font-weight: bold;background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(45deg,  #cc0000  10%, #ff0000);"> Group Name </span>

This is another bug when you change the photo and you have these styles in your group.
Could contain: File, Webpage


Even though is closed correctly it's like it removes that </span> before the group and also some characters, there is something fighting with it as you can see here. And again I will repeat myself, the tags in ACP in the group manager are closed 100% correctly but when rendered in HTML it brakes.
Could contain: Page, Text, File
Look closely top right, where the CSS Styles are, -webkit-linear-gradient(45deg changed their profile photo</span> <s... It's breaking the HTML, and I know that the group span styles are closed correctly.

I know for sure that In the example above that I gave, my styles are closed correctly 100%. I'm not working since yesterday with HTML and CSS. 

I don't want really to use classes, I want to see the colors even in AdminCP where the group's section is, and even on other AdminCP pages. 

You could add a new setting for custom CSS to the group formatting. I could suggest it in the suggestions area but it will not be taken into consideration, cuz I've already suggested in a topic something, and a lot of people agreed with me and I see no updates related to my suggestion.

Like I said and I'm saying this to a lot of people, IPS is the best software to have for a community, but if you just add some small updates which in this case will also help Front-end Devs and it will make community owners their job so much easier. 


I'm even determined to help you guys myself with some new updates that, trust me a lot of clients will be satisfied.

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