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Upgrade to latest version fails: 1146 Table 'DB_NAME.core_rss_import' doesn't exist

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I am trying to upgrade our website and it is failing with the following error:

Table 'DB_NAME.core_rss_import' doesn't exist
INSERT INTO `core_rss_import` ( `rss_import_enabled`, `rss_import_title`, `rss_import_url`, `rss_import_auth_user`, `rss_import_auth_pass`, `rss_import_class`, `rss_import_node_id`, `rss_import_member`, `rss_import_time`, `rss_import_last_import`, `rss_import_showlink`, `rss_import_topic_pre`, `rss_import_auto_follow`, `rss_import_settings` ) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? )

This table does not exist in our database. I checked another site I use that is running the latest version of IPS and I do not have that table there either.

Whether I click "Retry?" or "Continue", I get the same error message again.

I am not sure where to go from there. Help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


- Jeff

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