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Pseudo-random algorithm to display a new topic with each visit?

David N.

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For a long time I thought: "no wonder people prefer a Facebook group over my forum, the Facebook group is so much more active!"

Now I realize it's not. It's just that Facebook doesn't show you the same boring list of topic titles with every visit. Instead, each time you go back to the page, it shows you something new, even if it's old content. So on the first visit you may see a question from 5mn ago, then if you go back in 5mn and there's no new activity, it will show you a question from 40mn ago, then if you go back one from 1 day ago etc. 

The fact that you see the (beginning of the) question right away, perhaps with a couple of answers already, makes it quick and easy to read and entice you to answer. 

I wonder if something similar could be implemented for the Invision Community forum? 

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