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Size of pictures and youtube videos in posts

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I've noticed that the size of embedded pictures and youtube videos in posts are very big and it makes scrolling threads very uncomfortable when theres plenty of those in one place. 


How to set a fixed resolution for these?


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Thanks for your response. Videos and pictures are stretched on the whole page on both default Inivision theme and the one I am using (which is actually based on the default one with just different colors and font size). 

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7 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Embedded video - change the 100 as you wish...

	max-width: 100px;


I would not recommend you use it this way.

@Nathan Explosion try for yourself to see why I'm not recommending him to use the CSS code you gave him.

@angle4cor instead of using CSS follow this link.

Or follow this steps:
Could contain: File, Webpage, Page, Text, Computer Hardware, Hardware, Electronics, Monitor, Screen



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