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Doubt for delete all members on community and restart count ID members

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Hi how are you everyone ?

I have an small doubt, Recently I remove my complete member list on my community, but the new members start with ID high example:   ID for first member is == 1 right ?

On old list have 632 members, I need restart ID for start == 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.....

Is possible release this ? without reinstall complete community ?

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If you have only one member and this member is ID = 1, you can run the following query to reset:


You would need to make sure you have NO other data related to member IDs in your entire database, table per table, that’s why a reinstall is recommended.

Use at your own risk and make a backup of your database before if you’re willing to try it.

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20 hours ago, Marco Junior said:

I understand, then I will make a new db and transfer only data of topics !

Is better and more security.

Thanks ! 

You should import using the converters if you are doing it in this manner

It is worth noting, the IDs really should be treated as such. They are nothing more than something to identify the user programmatically. So it shouldn't really matter what that number is visually. 

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