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[Suggestion] Nonfiction on changing the title


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Since there are many members who's following the IPS release notes page https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ we do receive notifications whenever they create a new release note, but whenever they edit the title especially during the beta versions releasing, we don't receive anything.

Could contain: Page, Text, Face, Person, Head

It would be nice if we have an option to send a new notification whenever the title is edited/updated.

Example: Stuart Silvester updated a release Release Notes: 4.7.7 Beta 3

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Hi @Afrodude,

We plan to announce new betas in a new forum that's been created here on Invision Community, where you can opt in to be a beta tester, provide feedback and report bugs all in the one place.

Invision Insider - Invision Community

Beta Announcements, in particular, is coming soon, but you can start following the forum now for anything new that is posted there, including Invision Insights and Release Webinars. 😉

I hope this helps keep you in the loop.

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