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PNG to WebP conversion (output format)

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Hey, devs. I have a question about converting image attachments.

So, if we use Imagick, PNG images are not compressed at all. 8 out of 10 images that I uploaded to the post have a larger file size than before uploading (lol).

I wrote some code to compress PNG images (by changing the format to webp) and the size dropped by about 80% (sic!), however I need code to save the output file in .webp format. 

Can anyone direct me how to change the output format after uploading?

/* Get Format */
$format = $this->imagick->getImageFormat();
/* Set PNG */
if( mb_strtolower( $format ) == 'png' )
$this->imagick->setOption('webp:filter-strength', '20');
$this->imagick->setOption('webp:filter-type', '0');
$this->imagick->setOption('webp:method', '3');
$this->imagick->setImageCompressionQuality( 85 );
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