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Profile Photo size - Limitation not working

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50KB can by-passed by upload pic or gif in gallery and then using option, set image as photo in profile. 

So someone uploads 10MB pic in gallery and now their profile pic size is 10MB. Next thing what happens is 30 users doing that.. and now everyone needs to download those images, to load the forum. Can something be done about this? GIF's are the worse offender. Thanks.


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9 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

The only way to resolve that would be to limit the size of uploads unfortunately. They are not being allowed to upload a profile photo larger. They are linking to an item you have allowed a larger upload limit on.

Then gallery becomes useless... So let me explain:

Gallery permissions

Profile permissions. 

Since profile permissions are useless i.e. it can be bypassed with Gallery permissions, we should fix Profile permissions. This way, even though it's uploaded in Gallery, user can't set those images as Profile. 

OR tell me how can I disable, option i.e. Set photo as profile image so users can't abuse it. 


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