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Empty page in custom theme after Upgrade to PHP 8, no errors logged

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I've been in the process of adapting a custom theme for the latest InvisionCommunity 4.7.6. and PHP 8. It worked well with 4.7.2 and PHP 7.4,  Since I hav disabled some incompatible plugins and updated a few custom blocks, it started working with the upgrade - but *only* in designer mode. Without theme designer mode I just see a blank page and no errors in the system log, the error log or my php error log. Some subpages also work without designer mode, but my start page and a few others do not.

I've synced my theme changes when disabling designer mode, cleared caches and made sure my php settings are working by temporarily adding error_log("Test") to index.php.

Any hints on how to investigate, debug this further? I except some of my templates or blocks to need an update, but I'd except to get some form of error or exception if the whole board fails to load.

thanks for your time

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As stated, if i add


to my invisioncommunities index.php, that line shows up in the error log just fine, so unless I am misunderstanding you, it seems like PHP errors aren't suppressed per se?

(I am running the host myself)

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