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Problem with calendars in clubs

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In our community (member.campernomads.net) we no longer can create events for the (private) clubs. If we try, we will only get to the general calendars that are available for all to see, but cannot choose to create an event for the club. 

I already did all upgrades, but this error still occurs 😞 


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41 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

OK, please could you provide an example club and user. We can then take a look for you

Thank you. It concerns all clubs and the events within. Example: https://member.campernomads.net/clubs/6-finanz-mastermind/ -> Events: https://member.campernomads.net/events/6-finanz-meetups/ (leads to the general calendar)

In the backend the following link leads to the correct calendar where we can enter events for the club only, but it doesn't work from the club itself:


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