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Help: Spam from contact form


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You'll want to ensure that you have enabled in ACP -> Members -> Spam Prevention -> "Guests must complete CAPTCHA in order to post?"

This will also enable a CAPTCHA on the contact us form. At this time, however, this is the only method to prevent spam on the contact us form for guests.

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19 minutes ago, Ibai said:

I'm using reCAPTCHA V2

You may wish to try hCAPTCHA as that is supposedly better. FWIW, I use it on my own community and get limited spam emails.

20 minutes ago, Ibai said:

I also added a question and answer challenge, but it's not being shown in the contact form.

That is correct. As previously mentioned, only CAPTCHA would show on contact us. Imagine a scenario where someone was having issues registering because they couldn't get past your Q&A, now they would also not be able to contact you.

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