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What do you add as a password? Value or secret ID?  I tried secret ID in password for Microsoft login and it didn't work. 

Could contain: Fork, Cutlery, Text

Also document says - create expiry never..  but i don't see that option. I only see 24 months option.


Is document outdated? Need help pls. Thanks.

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56 minutes ago, AlexJ said:

I only see 24 months option.

Microsoft no longer allow a 'Never' expiry - 2 years is the limit (so that's an update for the document)

57 minutes ago, AlexJ said:

Value or secret ID?

Value (it states that in step 7 of the guide) - has to be grabbed at the time of creation, as it is obscured from view on later views. If you didn't grab it then just delete the existing one and create a new one.

And the final tip...put a reminder into your calendar for a few days prior to the expiry date, to remind you to create a new value.

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