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Possible Backup by Post of my site Home-My Attachments

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While cruising around this website, I discovered  Home-My Attachments. I noticed many images that I used in the past. This would have been a previous attempt to set up and use an Invision website. The website would not have been in the clouds but rather a different host. Since I saw these images, it got me thinking that you might have some kind of backup for this previous site.

If I had it stored on an old hard drive is it possible that there might have been a unique file name or extension?

Here's hoping.


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Sorry, we would not have any old sites of yours. The Account -> My Attachments are files which you uploaded here on our community, such as screenshots in topics here, etc... They would not be backups of your communities.

We do not manage backups for self-hosted communities. We do manage backups for our Cloud communities but you would need to submit a support request to obtain those, there is no automated process.

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