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How To Change Group Assignment At Registration?

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I need help with finding a setting in the Admin CP.

By default, when a new forum member registers to the forum, he is assigned to the "Member" Group.

How do I change which Group he is assigned to? For example, I need all new registrations to be assigned to a custom Group I created called "New Member".

I am using v4.1

I believe I remember this setting existing, but I cannot seem to find it now.

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You need to edit the conf_global.php file in your forum's root folder and change the member_group value with the ID of the New Members group you created. By default the Members group ID is 3:

The format will be either:

'member_group' => 3,


$INFO['member_group'] = 3;


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The other option of course, if you are not comfortable with changes like the above, would be to move the members to your new group, then rename members to whatever you wish the start group to be. You can do this simply using search to search for everyone in the group. 

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