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Event tickets link to Commerce

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I already came with this idea few months ago, but i didn't follow up at this time. Now, this is pretty urgent for me:

I'm looking for a developer to create an app/plugin which allow a selected group of members to sell event tickets directly via Events app.



. Free or Paid Events: When they create an event, this selected group of users is able to choose between external or paid events directly on the platform.

Meaning: If they choose external, they will be able to add an URL which redirect (via a button display on the frontend) to their external sales page.

If they choose paid event, their will be ask to enter infos and price related to this paid event, which will be considered as a product in Commerce (with all datas/infos involve: price, quantity/stock, ...). In fact it will be a brand new product type: event tickets.

No RSVP button available for this group, neither virtual event possibility.

For the buyer: When someone buy a ticket, he will receive the classic commerce notification + a PDF ticket with unique QR code and/or serial number related to this ticket.

For the event organizer: He will be able to see and download the list of buyers whenever he wants.

On the frontend: All buyers will be displayed as attendees for this event.

I may have forgotten some details about the plugin I'm looking for, but you have the idea.

If you think you can help me with this, quite urgently, please PM me to see if we can work together on this.





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