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Force password reset

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We faced some old accounts been using from some spammers groups lately, how the the processing for this step work, dose it ask for old password and to input the new password as it should be?

I ask, since many of these accounts do not recall they have accounts with us and they ask for account removal after changing and login to our forum.

I recall in the past that you can force reset password on next login, but that option is gone or could not find it.

Thanks in advance.


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If you are wanting to do this on a per-member basis, you can find their account in the ACP.  

Click on "Edit Password".

Could contain: Text

You can either enter a password for the member directly (which will not be emailed to them) OR you can click the link to force reset the password.

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If the user is currently logged in, they'll be logged out.  They'll get an email prompting them to reset their password.  If they follow the link, they'll be able to set a new password.  

It is important the user's email address is still valid, etc for this step to work obviously.  🙂

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Hi Randy,

Thanks for the reply, yes I knew that about single account, but regarding group is the issue.

Main issue, how a member do not recall he/she had account with us and when receiving email and that members simply change the password, I am asking, that task ask for the old password or not, seem not, as I look to the some members logs at the admin, and seem it "password force to be change" and not something like members forget password.


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