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Feature request: Commerce EU VAT check. Provide escape option


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I need to offer the EU VAT ID check, but it is also costing me customers. People get stuck for various reasons if the VAT check isn’t successful and then they just give up. I just lost a sale of over 700 Euros yesterday. And it turns out: the user didn’t even had to add a VAT number since he was in the same country as me. 

It would to be useful to provide better explanations and provide an escape route so people don’t get stuck. I will probably tweak the language strings myself, but a proper solution for all IPS customers also wouldn’t hurt. 

  • Add a default description field to the VAT ID field. We need to explain to customers what this number is and who should add it. Otherwise people will attempt to add other tax numbers and get stuck. The default description string could also clarify that this is “only for VAT-registered business customers in the EU except for when they are in the same country as the store”. That’s a confusing, but important detail. 
  • An option to clear and move on. When the VAT check fails for whatever reason, we still don’t want to loose the customer. They should get a technical option to clear the field and see a description explaining that they could move on without the tax reduction. In theory, they can already achieve that by manually removing the field content, but in my experience, they just don’t think of that option. They are asked to provide an ID, and they are going to try to achieve that or give up entirely. 
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