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Legend Editor Buttons [Support Topic]

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Legend Editor Buttons is a big package of 15 Editor buttons, can be use in every place in invision website that uses editor. these buttons have their own customization settings so it is possible to change colors, size and other styling options. Legend Editor Buttons is an application and created specially this way to make it possible to upgrade my old resources as CKEditor buttons here along new features and more buttons.

Live Demo

Could contain: File, Person, Woman, Adult, Female, Webpage, Page, Text, Face, Car

Could contain: File, Person, Man, Adult, Male, Page, Text, Poster, Advertisement

Could contain: Person, Man, Adult, Male, Glove, Clothing, Shoe, Footwear

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Webpage

Could contain: File, Webpage, Text

Could contain: File, Webpage, Page, Text



Please use this topic for support and suggestion for the resource.

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