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Web push notifications have incorrect numbers

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Firefox, Linux

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When this notification was sent, there was only one new unread post in the topic, and I had no prior unread notifications (as judged by in-platform notifications). I'm a bit confused about where 6 has come from - it is less than the number of other members' replies to this topic (which I have been following since creation), but more than the number of replies since I last rebooted this computer.

I usually don't clear my system notifications (the system notification list that these push notifications are delivered to), but I had manually cleared them prior to receiving this to see if that makes any difference. It didn't (or at least it didn't solve it, perhaps it would otherwise have come up with a different number?).

I'm pretty sure this is something to do with the self.registration.getNotifications and unseenCount stuff in serviceWorker.js, but I'm not quite sure the semantics here (I assumed that clearing the notification list, or restarting my computer, would close all the open notifications).

The correct behaviour here, in my mind, is that the numbers here should be no greater than the in-platform notification list - if there have been 3 notifications about replies to a given topic since I last read my in-platform notifications, the number that is shown here should represent the number of notifications about replies that are unread in both the in-platform notifications and push notifications (at most 3, but could be lower if I dismissed some native notifications). There are definitely alternative approaches that would make sense too, but it's pretty clear to me that the current approach is not correct.

Maybe this is just a Firefox+Linux issue, I haven't tried reproing on any other platforms yet.

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