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What is this request?

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I was checking the LOGS of the site and saw a strange request made by a user...(and his IP address is highly suspicious)
I checked it and the service page came up...
I'm not an expert, so I'm asking - did he want to go through the rabbit hole? )))


XXXXX  - const cache name

const cache name in his request and on my service page are different...

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5 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

latest release to see if you are still getting errors

5 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I am curious as to what you mean by the IP address is suspicious. In what way?

I don't get any errors))) I saw strange requests in the LOG file...
I have version 4.7.4, but the issue with the error in the gallery is not resolved, so I'm waiting for a new version... 4.7.6 or higher

Suspicious, because it makes requests only to pages that are closed for indexing. - strange...

Maybe I reviewed X-Files a lot))) in my time (or Hackers with Angelina Jolie)

Thanks for the answer!

Holmes will study this question)))

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