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Shared Membership Scheme


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I'm developing a site which will provide resources and community for people working in churches. As such it would be great if I could offer a church membership package which somehow allows for multiple users from within that church, all under one single subscription. 

For example, Bill is the church administrator and signs up for a subscription. But then the minister, the church elder, and the youthworker all also want to sign in and join the community and download the resources. I can't imagine they'll be happy to all be paying their own subscriptions when in reality they are all just using the same set of resources once in their own church. It would be much better if once Bill has signed up the others could be granted access in their own names, but hanging under Bills live subscription. When Bill's subscription ends, the rest of the team lose access too ... unless one of them pays a new subscription. 

OR ... allow a membership as a team, and the subscription is paid as a "Team Membership", then when someone logs in to the Team account they can create new members linked to that team. 

The important thing is that only one sub is being paid, and while it is live the team all have their own individual accounts and access, and when the sub ends everyone on the team loses access until the sub is paid again. 

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