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Restore a deleted forum

Mark Spieker

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As Adriano mentioned, did you change the forum from Category to Discussion as discussed in your other topic? If you're having issues, could you please let me know the name of the forum and I can investigate?

Unfortunately, we only would do a full database restoration so you would lose any data after the database was backed up. I'd rather not do that to you unless completely necessary.  

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, that was a seperate issue, we are doing a lot of work on our forum right now, it has been closed to everyone for days now.


It was a sub folder/forum under 2022 - Hidden that was named   Fall

Could contain: Page, Text

Could it be restored to a NEW temp forum, so I could go in and pull out the data, then that new one could get deleted after a month. We have done SOOOOOO much work over the last few days.

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If so please do it, charge my account, and send me the login details via email. I assume you guys don't work weekends


Just now, Jim M said:

I don't see that this particular forum was deleted in the administrator logs, however, I do see the following log "forums_forum_147 and all children" which were deleted. Was this forum a parent/child in which was a part of that?

I'm not even sure exactly what happened  😞      I created what I thought was a sub forum/discussion, was going to transfer some content into that container, decided I didn't need that SUB forum, so I deleted the sub forum, NOT the parent named "Fall" Or so I thought.


I assume this comes down to that you can't in any way, just get me the data back from that "Fall" forum, even if it was a restore into a new site, then transfer just that forum over. So....... that being said, it's friday, it's late, would you be able to restore my site into a NEW one (Don't restore over my current data) charge my account forr a new system, and email me the login details???



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