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Authentication for ElasticSearch/OpenSearch

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I moved my forum from self-hosted to Invision's cloud-based service this past summer.  I had ElasticSearch setup on my forum, and I was running a local instance so it was relatively straightforward.  Now that I'm on Invision's servers, I need to set this up again.  I can continue to run ES (or OpenSearch) on one of my own dedicated servers, but I want to make sure that only my forum can reach the ElasticSearch server, so I need to setup some sort of authentication. 

Does anyone here have experience doing that?  I'd be glad to pay someone for their time to help get ElasticSearch or OpenSearch running securely on my forum.  Right now, searching is sometimes extraordinarily slow (I have five million+ posts), and often they will time out.  And of course this affects many pages that use the search, such as the activity feeds.  So it's really critical that I get this up and running again.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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