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Edit one or all events in a event repetition


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The "Reapeats" function in events is a great function but we've a problem when we need to edit only one of this events. We can not made it. If I need to edit one changes all events, pasts and futures.

For exemple I've created a weekly event every thursday at 18h, but I need change the time for the next session on 01/19/23. I can't edit because modify all events. So I need to wait until 6 days before and deactivate this event, create a new single event and then activate again the repetition event.

Will be a great function if you to add like Google Calendar. When I edit a event and save changes ask me if i apply this changes to "this event only", "this and following" or "all events"

Please, can you consider to add this function in upcoming updates?

Thanks a lot!

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