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Starting a New Build and need Advice

Bob Snow

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I can use some expert advice before I dive into development. I am totally new and have little experience with any code. I'm using Windows 11 for my development. I'm using the IPS cloud based system.

I have many questions and for clarity I'm trying to stick to one subject matter at a time when creating a topic. Today I want to give you a general idea on the concept that I'm hoping for.

Starting out I want to make sure that my design is efficient. I'm including what my homepage will look like. I have been doing a lot of reading on the IPS BLOCK which I figure is my best approach. Across the top of my homepage, as displayed in my uploaded image, are tabs that will open other images. The images are very close to being identical with the exception of the information and pictures.

Example: Builder - . If the Builder Tab is selected, a page will be loaded that is almost identical to the homepage. On this newly selected Tab , you will have the ability to search for a builder of interest. By doing this a new page will be displayed right over the top of the homepage with the information and pictures related to the builder you selected. At least that's the plan.

My first issue is my concern of an efficient approach to my  concept. Here are my questions on how to develop the site.

1. Have all of the pages loaded somewhere else and load them into the block as requested.

2. Have all of the images preloaded on the homepage and had them appear as requested. This might be useful for the actual tab pages but not requested builder. 

3. Some how I think I'm way off base and I'm hoping for a clue.

I have more questions, but I want to keep this topic as clean as I can. Is there away to add topics with out getting them mixed up with a previous question. Keeping in mind they are all related.

Here's hoping.

Bob Snow

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For that Builder section, you should use a ‘Pages database’ as it is called in the IPS system. You can customize it to collect and show all the necessary information. 

In general: I would suggest to first get familiar with the IPS design framework and then work WITHIN it. For example: it uses a fixed layout system consisting of a sidebar and up to three content column slots. If you design outside of that system, it can get frustrating quickly. 

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