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Site periodically going unavailable.


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Not quite sure what's going on over the past month, but my cloud hosted site with Invision has been plagued by "This community is temporarily unavailable" errors at least once a day for the past month and a bit. 

I have noticed the client area here says I'm at 494.7gb / 7.5gb and have ZERO idea where this extra 490 gb are coming from as last I checked, we were JUST over 1 gb of site storage used.

My users are asking us to change host providers at this point as the interruptions are affecting all our external applications that are integrated with the site, and at this point we are tempted to do so. 

Please help. 🙂

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2 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Lets get a ticket created for you, and we can see what is causing the issues. Someone will be in contact as soon as possible

That'd be great! Anything you need me to do/provide on my end? 

And after some thought, I did install and alter a couple themes, and did enable download logs, though I don't think either of those would explain my 494gb/7.5gb storage issue I see in the client area. 😅

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11 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Disregard that. It wasn't your site with that was affected by high numbers of those. It is however in our queue to be looked at

Thanks Marc! Email chain is ongoing. 

Though it was mentioned that the reason we're suddenly at 400gb of storage used is due to us logging every single api call we use externally. Afaik we've been using the same api keys for over a year at this point with no change in how logging is done (that I've performed anyway) and have never seen usage this high 😂 I even have a message where I point out to my partner our site is only at ~1.5gb/7.5gb, which means we've generated 493 gb of logs in 2 months? 

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