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Autocomplete error ???

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19 minutes ago, Leogui2k3 said:

and what is the point of contacting the author of radical tags since everything worked without a problem on the ips 4.7.4 version and after updating to 4.7.5 this error suddenly appeared and on the default style

That would indicate it’s not compatible with the latest release and therefore needs to be updated to do so. 

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15 hours ago, Leogui2k3 said:

after contacting the author of the application, it appears that it was supposed to be fixed by you in version 4.7.6 after the update it still occurs! Maybe a fix for this will come from you in the near future?

The author will need to report any bugs to us directly with examples if they believe there is a core issue. However, they would also need to evaluate this in their application if there are any residual effects leading to your issue.

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