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Pages SuperAccordion Pro (Support Topic)

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hello, so I am having issues setting this service up. I have created a database and put a couple records in there,but i am missing something. I have created a couple of records in the database but it is still not showing. 


I know it is something simple i am missing

Thank you. yes i have that service and i am having issues. i know it is a user error, but not sure where

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The database and the records will not show the SuperAccordion look. You will need to proceed to create Pages blocks with the SuperAccordion template activated for them. (step 5)

  1. Buy and install SuperAccordion Pro through the IPS Marketplace
  2. Create a Pages database and put it on a page
  3. Create records in the database using at least the stock fields “title” and “content”. If you create an FAQ database, the title field will be the question and the content field will be the answer.  
  4. Use multiple categories for your Pages database if you want to have multiple SuperAccordion blocks. 
  5. Create at least one Pages block with the type “feed block” and choose the database which you created in step 3. If you create multiple blocks, pick a category as feed source, so the block will only show records from one specific category. This is how the blocks on this page were created.
  6. Make sure the number of entries set for the block is higher than the number of entries you want for the category. Also, choose a reasonable sorting option, like “Record ID, ascending”.
  7. While setting up the block, choose “SuperAccordion Pro” as template for the block.
  8. Open the block manager on the front end and drag the “Custom Block” from the Pages section onto the page. Select the block you just created.
  9. Repeat step 5 to 8 until you have added all blocks you want on your page. 
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The ordering is set up in the block settings. You can choose an ordering field and whether the order should be ascending or descending. There is no drag-and-drop ordering for Pages records. 

If the default ordering options aren’t sufficient, you might need to create ordering options yourself. You could order the entries by the title and add a number in front of each title. Or you create a hidden ordering field. 

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