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Budget Plan Building 'Community' Tier

Shawn RR

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While browsing and considering additional features I cannot help but think of how Invision can better service me and my site as a customer. Right now, these plans have wanted features across the board that were more siloed for individual communities before but broken down now between new tiers. This a little late to the party to complain about; but part of the suggestion following the Cloud Webinar and the December 2022 meetings/streams. For me and my smaller community its simply not yet justifiable as our forums does not generate revenue for the higher price point of $549/ month $6,588 total annually but full access to analytics in this same Business tier could be leveraged for my platform to monetize with advertising and partners. 

It is an extraneous risk for me to go with this Business tier, when this is the only feature that I want/need. If I considered upgrading I would be overpaying for features I'm not using. However when looking at 'Team' or 'Creator Pro' the features listed make sense but its still missing the core data science potential of the analytics. 

Outside of support communities and that industry are at large, at a loss with interest waning with every new and competitive social option. Even in this support space, I have already seen Discord's new forums really take on the life of a supporting community to a product. Discourse follow a different design philosophy and find success in a newer generation and the yet to be realized potential of OpenAI query projects like ChatGPT. It's a little bit scary to think Invision's space is more competitive as the market uptrends. 

So I want to suggest a $280/m priced 'Community' plan between the Team and Business plan that would include full analytics access, or a different kind of pay model overall where one could pick and choose which application/feature they want on their site like the self-hosted options for the core products of Invision. A pay as we scale option makes sense to me, but I simply don't have enough information to really speak on that topic. Browsing this forums and others, it does not seem like many small active, growing communities/site owners are taking advantage of the 1.75TB or 3TB media storage in both the Creator Pro and Team plans. 

I would opt for the same price as 'Team' but with different features, with the next tier being a combination of the two but if we switched to a modular set up it would probably better service many more communities and clients alike and really retain value in Invision as a strong product. 


If this is a topic already sorry, someone can merge it. 

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