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Display last comment in pinned topics


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I would like to suggest a feature that will let us see the last comment in the pinned topics is displayed instead of the first comment.

There is something VERY annoying with how pinned topics. The data displayed in the streams and list of topics DOES NOT correspond with the LAST comment made in the topic. It's annoying because my community focused on the last topics updates. So as a user who sees the PINNED topics, you want to see the latest comment, not the original ones made like 2 years ago 😞


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4 hours ago, David N. said:

To see the same thing as My Sharona, you actually have to click that "Latest post" tab. 

Is that what you mean, that you wish this tab was displayed by default rather than have to click it? 

Yes, but that's not what I was asking in my suggestion.

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