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Searching broken links


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Hi team,

I need to search and check a lot of links in my IPS forum because I changed an old page and has changed some URLs without redirect 301. I need to search all links including a exact subdomain like "guide.invisioncommunity.com" for example. I need to check the links added in posts as link and added with copy&paste function.

How I can do it? Thanks a lot!

Could contain: Page, Text, File

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Face, Person, Head, Webpage

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There would be no way of doing this other than with the search function on your community. You appear to be referencing our community in your screenshots though. If that is the case and there are broken links, please let us know when you find those, and we can certainly take a look.

With content ones such as that second screenshot, it may well be that the item has been removed, and therefore a 404 in that case would be correct

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