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[Bug 4.7.4|5] News letter Opt In has reverted to Opt Out

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Thanks Ryan. If you cast your mind back to when GDPR was coming out and IPS had a fairly large update. It was changed in order to be compliant.

I never noticed until now that it had somehow got reverted back at some point in the updates since to being ticked by default, hence undoing the compliance change previously made. 

(Since GDPR day, its been considered unlawful in the EU, UK plus any other regions who have instituted similar legislation to have the box already ticked (known as Opt Out). It has to be unticked by default (so you have to clearly OPTed IN which the software records) because newsletters are not transactional emails.)

Update: It was changed in 4.2.7, the GDPR release, and documented here:


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