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Anyone else having issues? Error 500 all over the Place


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So for the site I manage we have a ton of plugins and apps which honestly have been a huge headache with the PHP 8 changes.  After getting assistance for support who had to disable all my 3rd party content twice. They advised me to run through each plugin and app one by one to ensure i was compatible.  So that is what I have been doing.

I started with plugins deleted maybe like 15 of them and everything was great. This were I realized what went wrong the first time as one of the Admins enabled at least 3 plugins that were not compatible. Anyway lesson learned.  Plugins were cleaned so off to the next thing. I went to apps to do the same thing there.  Checking and enabling or disabling one by one. In addition to deciding if the damn app is even necessary, many were not.  Then I got to a specific app that basically no longer exist anywhere...

Could contain: Text, Paper

So easy right? Just delete it? Well as soon as I hit the delete button


AdminCP goes down for the 3rd time, just like that.  I'm sitting here like come on now.  All I did was hit the delete button for an app I know is not even in existence anymore.  How on earth did that make my AdminCP go down with an Error 500?

Anyways IPS Support has been great but I am sure they are tired of having to check what new thing got F'd up today.  Curious if anyone else on IPS Cloud is having issues.

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1 minute ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Have you contacted the author of that items first of all? I realise it may not be actively developed any longer, however you may still be able to contact the developer themselves

Thanks Marc. For the one I deleted it seems the developer wiped their presence clean.  They are no longer on Invision and their site no longer exist.  For me that was a simple conclusion to delete the app.  Mind you I did not enable it, it was already disabled when I tried to delete it.

For all the apps I have enabled they are all in active development. We just made decision not to enable anything that is no longer being developed.  Yes there is a lot of nice things we will no longer have, but that pales in comparison to the site not working.

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