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Change Test Install URL

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10 hours ago, MorningBigBlue said:

How would I go about changing my test URL?

These are generally only reset when you set your main URL. You should use the same URL for testing until such point as you wish to change the main URL. Many people will use a subdomain for this that they can point elsewhere if required.

I can see there is nothing on the test URL at present, so have reset it on this occasion for you.


7 hours ago, nanotek said:

Yeah I cannot change mine anymore and when I try to it says to contact support, which I can no longer do because my plan doesn't allow it

And yet here you are, speaking with support 😉 We haven't removed support. We simply do it here on the community and not via ticket. I have taken a look at yours, and you would not be able to change your test URL in any case, as you still have an installation at your current test location.

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