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v4.7.1 -> v4.7.4

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Hello, looking to upgrade my forum. Currently running PHP 7.4.

I tried upgrading PHP to v8 a few weeks back and it broke the forum so I'm curious best steps to perform the upgrade.

Is this correct order of things to do?

1. Disable all third party apps

2. Upgrade PHP to v8 in CPanel

3. Run the forum upgrade


Am I missing anything here? Thanks!

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Any PHP upgrade which is done, check to ensure you’ve included all required modules. You can use the requirements checker here: 



Outside of the above and what you mentioned, you’ll want to check your third party addons for PHP 8 compatibility in ACP> Support. Some have things which will completely break your install if they are installed and disabled so if you have any on that list that you don’t use or have been abandoned, best choice is to uninstall. 

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