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Version 2.x?

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Yeah, 4.x doesn't support anymore upgrades from 3.x. You'd first need to upgrade to 3.4.9, then to the latest 4.x version from there.

As long as the database (and uploads files) are in the proper place you can upload the 3.x files, run the upgrade, and then do the same steps with the upgrade to 4.x. There is no actual need to first upload the 2.x files unless you want/need to check things on the site before upgrading it. And nowadays there's barely any hosting that support the old required PHP version needed to run the 2.x versions, so even if you get the files the server might not be able to load them correctly.


Here's a link to the upgrade guide (check the Unsupported Legacy upgrades to Invision Community part):


As mentioned also in the guide, if you're not comfortable doing this legacy upgrade yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you: https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers/?advanced_search_submitted=1&sortby=primary_id_field&sortdirection=asc&content_field_124[1]=9

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