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Member Issue: Redirect Loop

FM Graphics

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1 hour ago, Randy Calvert said:

It looks like its working for me when I access your site.   Try having him use a different browser and test.  I expect you'll find it works.  If so, he can try clearing his Opera browser cache and trying it again.  


3 minutes ago, Jim M said:

Try a different browser would be the recommendation here. That should hopefully remove any cache/cookies and let them test anew.

If the issue still exists, we would require the user and what they are attempting to access.

Thanks guys I'll try this out.

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I've actually just had the same issue now myself. When I sign out of the site I get the same message as above when I tried to login again. If I refresh the message stays the same but if I open a new window I'm then logged in already.

I use Chrome and I cleared everything cache, cookie and browsing history and no luck.

Then I used Safari and when I select 'Existing User? Sign In' I get the below message. Now once I click this second option for  'Existing User? Sign In' it works fine. 




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