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No wayt to connect anymore


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i add a app to connect with discord. 

After a update i'm not enable to connect to adminCP because i receive a error from the app. 
So i cannot go enable , disable or re-install the app.

is that a way to bypass this OR to re-enable the standard connection methode (mail / password) ? 

mayby just in changing a value into X_NAMED file ? 

thank you 

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i do this but it will not disabling the 3rd party conection , so i'm still stock. 

i simply add a constants.php file in the main directory. 

i saw that all the user interface as changed , but yeah , still not able to connect and do not saw the progress recovery bar

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This is hard to respond to. IPS does not support directly making changes to the database. If you disabled the default login module and if you only have a third party login module available as login method instead of any of the default ones provided by IPS, there is not a lot that can be done outside of working with the resource provider. 

Even if you switched back to a default login method you would not have a valid local user account available to login with. 

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