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Issue with byline_itemprop language string

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Today I noticed that the byline_itemprop language string defaults to: By %s,

Could contain: Text, Page

The presence of this comma causes a visual issue in topics, as the name of the author is incorrectly followed by a comma:

Could contain: Text, Page, Symbol

This comma, however, is used for separating the username from the date/time string in the topic list:

Could contain: Page, Text

So, if we edit the byline_itemprop string to remove the comma, it fixes the issue in the topic, but create another issue in the topic list:

Could contain: Text, Symbol

Here at invisioncommunity.com, I noticed that this language string was edited and the comma was removed, so the username isn't followed by a comma in topics, but the username and the date/time are not separated by a comma in the topic list.

Proposed solution: add a new language string that defaults to By %s (without a comma) and use this new language string in the forums > front > topics > topic template.

I know this is a very silly visual bug, but I had to mention it.



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