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After restoration of database via phpmyadmin

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12 hours ago, Jim M said:

You would want to dump the database before restoring. Please contact your hosting provider for assistance.


You would have to get in touch with your hosting provider as my colleague has advised. There are also ample resources online to assist you with this if you know your way around your server. Unfortunately, anything server-side on self-hosting plans are not within our scope for support.

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9 hours ago, BAROTTA said:

Can someone tell steps for dumping database please?

We don't have enough info so I've made a lot of assumptions here.

It seems your back does not contain any DROP statements which would be fine if you were to restore to a new database but it seems in this case you wanted to overwrite the existing tables/data.  You could drop all the tables in this database and use your backup OR create a new database and use your backup to create the tables and add the data.

At a guess, it sounds like you did a custom backup using phpMyAdmin without the Add DROP option checked.

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As Gary hinted, an online search will find lots of suggestions and help.  PhpMyAdmin is very powerful, it takes the complexity out of working with databases but we need to learn how to use it as we do on how to drive a car.

I suggest stay away from your live database, for now, and that you create a new database to play with.  Check out the Operations tab and the "Copy Database to" option.  Make sure you are viewing the database you want to copy, then enter what you want to call it and press the Go button.

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