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"Upgrade to Cloud" Concerns

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We're currently self-hosting two sites and I've been an IPB customer for five years or better. I'm a bit concerned seeing this pop up in my ACP. Anyone with the capability to self-host is already aware of the Invision Community hosting offer. This conversion opportunity feels more like a warning to me.

Edit: The image isn't showing up. There's a "Upgrade to Cloud" button in the top right of the ACP.

I've seen similar approaches to this, and the conclusion, even if it takes a couple of years, is the service eventually moves to "the cloud" being the only option. Do we have a guarantee that the self-hosted option will be a permanent fixture. More than just "we don't have any plans to remove the self-hosted option", but rather a future guarantee that we will always be able to self-host.

It's possible I'm just being a bit paranoid, but I've seen this path traveled many times before. Thank you for your time.

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Hi @The Britain,

There is already quite a bit of discussion about this which you can read about in the topic below.

The pop-up gives clients an option and is by no means an indicator or warning of Invision Power Services removing self-hosted plans from their products. I don't want to go into too much detail on this topic as the majority of the discussion (and specific questions some clients have asked) will be addressed in the topic I've linked to above.

The market has definitely shifted however there are no plans to have self-hosted plans removed.

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