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Split topic limits and posting comments limits.


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I know that atm we can set a limit on the number of posts / replies in a certain  group,

however I am interested in how to set up a group limit for creation of new topic only and separately for replies?? I'm pretty sure we don't have this option and it will be good idea if we could control permissions for different groups, example- maximum 3 new topics a day and separately 20 comments a day. That will definitely slow dow any unnecessary spam from some of the members etc 

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1 hour ago, DawPi said:

As you can see it's available with my mod - did you check the screens? 🙂

Yes, but still it’s restricted only to one settings. I need something there I will be able to set a limitation on each group for whole board. Not the whole group on the each forum. 
Something that will be implemented more in the groups not forums 

So atm I can put restriction on  each sub forum and add like 2 post for each member per day but in total that will give them an option to post like 30 topics on the whole board . What I want is the restriction to post new topics but in spectrum of the whole board-forum per group. So members as a group can be restricted to post as aexample 3 posts per day in any category/ sub forum etc 
Hope you know what I mean??

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