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PHP8/Invision 4.7.4 Redis update - possible issue?!

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(please ignore similar message on different user, I thought I was logged in with this one and couldn't then delete the post)

I've just done the update to version 4.7.4, which obviously necessitated the update of PHP to version 8. Along with that, the PECL Redis library needed rebuilding. Everything seemed to go smoothly, but I'm now getting a red error message telling me the cache is not working:

Could contain: Maroon, Text

I tried re-saving the cache settings, which removed a similar message related to the data storage, but that hasn't changed the situation with the caching. However, on the "Get Support" page which shows all the different components and their status with any potential issues, I get this:

Could contain: Text

Which seems to suggest everything is in order with the cache. So what should I do in this situation? They can't both be correct...

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