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Like button is invisible until I hover over it

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The like button isn't visible underneath posts but I can't find the setting to fix this. The button is there, you just can't see it. I have a white background and I'm fairly sure that there must be something in the button colours, front end colours or tex options that is causing a white overly on top of the like button.

When I hover over it, the green like button shows and the up / down vote buttons options panel opens up. So everything is activated and working, but people can't see it and keep asking why they can't use the reputation functions anymore since I upgraded to 4.7

On an old theme (which is no longer in use but I have in the back end for testing purposes), rather than it being white there is a large dark circle where the like button is. So I looked through the colour settings for anything that colour and tried to change it to figure out which one was causing the issue, but no luck with that either.

Any suggestions?

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