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ol.ipsStream li.ipsStreamItem:nth-child(2), ol.ipsStream li.ipsStreamItem:nth-child(4)

Could contain: File, Person, Webpage, Text

You will need to adjust the nths as needed. If things are off by one or whatever, again, just adjust the numerical nths and move on with your life.

The above inserts after 2 and 4, and is firing after 1 and 3  - that's because that timeline "earlier" thing is a LI element and is being counted. Like I said, just adjust numericals there and move along...

Two things: Be sure to set a position (before, after, etc.) in the radio choices for the ad - I do not have that field marked as required and its not auto-filling a default choice (at least locally) - I'll patch that for the next release - don't be like me staring at the output wondering why its not working and then discovering the above reason as to why. It's not pretty 🙂

The other is when entering more than one CSS selector (like I have above), you do comma sep them, spaces after the commas are fine, but do not have a trailing comma - it will err on that. Again, I'll make sure to clean that on the next release and prevent that by default.

Heads up that the CSS above will cover search results as well as streams. If you need to NOT have search results here yell back or figure out the more specific targeting yourself.

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It says "After Every X-Number of Forum Posts!", but can you have an ad inserted "Before the last post" ?

And only if topic contains 3 or more posts? (To a void 2 consecutive ads when using the built-in "After first Post"

Can you have 2 or more banners rotating in the same ad-position. Evenly or weighted?

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