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[PAID] Subscription expiration plugin

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We need a plugin that basically has two functions:

1. The ability to set a custom expiration date for a subscription (all new subscribers, and all subscribers that renew their subscription).

2. The ability to set/change the expiration date of all currently active members of a subscription.

We are a motorcycle club, and our membership lasts for one season. However, in Invision the subscription lasts for one calendar year, and there is no built-in way to change this. Each spring we have a meeting to decide on the membership cost for that year, so we need a way to set the memberships to end before this meeting, and we need a way to change the expiration date in the case that the meeting gets moved.

We had a plugin made by one of the devs in here (not going to name names) but that developer no longer responds to anything for some reason. The plugin is just about done, there are just a few minor bugs that need to be fixed. We'd like to pay for maintenance too, ensuring that the plugin will continue to work for new versions of Invision.

Please let me know if further details are needed.

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