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How do I login and start managing my forum?


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I choose CMS for the forum. Decided to check your version.
So far not the best experience.
The process for accessing a free trial is unnecessarily cumbersome and counterintuitive.
Emails from invisioncommunity end up in SPAM
As a result, I signed up and requested a free trial.
I found a link to the created free forum, but it's not clear how to start configuring and managing it.
The login to the forum that I created with the login and password from the account in invisioncommunity does not work.
What to do?

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Sorry to hear you are havign issues there. Lets see if we can get you sorted out.

With regard the emails, please ensure you mark the emails as safe in your email client to ensure they are not going to spam. Unfortunately we wouldnt have any control over your email provider marking these as such.

With the software itself and how to use, please see the guides in the following area, which should help to get you started. Start at the "getting started" section on the left, and then jump to whichever sections you are interested in from there.

Of course if you have any questions, thats what we are here for. Let us know what specific things you are interested in. For example, you mentioned forums there. We have a quick guide to get you started in that area here


Now for the login part of things. I have sent you a password reset from your trial and unlocked the account. Please check  your email for further instructions on setting a new password.


Any other questions, let us know 🙂 


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