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Images - Gallery/Grid Arrangement!


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From a content creation/design aspect, the one thing that I think is perhaps the most frustrating in the IPS suite is the inability to insert images in a gallery/grid-like arrangement in the editor/page. If there is one feature that prevents me from fully converting my Wordpress site into an IPS Pages/CMS setup, it is this.

Wordpress allows for the upload of images, much like IPS - but also allows for the insertion of 'gallery'/grid containers that can neatly include these attachments on the page.

Some images to illustrate how Wordpress does it:

Could contain: Text, Page, Word

^ Initial 'Gallery' Block container

Could contain: File, Webpage, Electronics, Monitor, Screen, Display

^ Image Uploader and Gallery Image Arrange Dialog

Could contain: Outdoors, Nature, Mountain, Advertisement, Poster, Scenery, Path

^ The image gallery/grid output (on the WYSIWYG editor but this also has the same appearance on the public site)

Could contain: Text, Text Message, Page

^ Gallery container block options



It boggles my mind that there isn't anything close to something like this available out of the box on IPS Suite. I have a number of other improvement suggestions related to image upload that I hope the IPS Staff is also taking on board, but I feel like this small improvement would be a trivial enhancement to add to a monthly update patch and would add so much QOL improvements for those of us who want to decorate our content in an organised way.

Could something like this be taken on board and added to a future release please?

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