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Ability to toggle off Online or Physical Events


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I'm hoping after the recent release there is some form of Hypercare or post-live support changes where we can make amendments to newly live functionality.

We need the ability to toggle off one of the ways events can be made to stop unnecessary re-work from admins and mods correcting Events post creation. Ironically I had to re-work the existing Calendar function already into Events some years ago with Translation and used the physical addresses as the 'online' places people would get together. As we are a gaming family (and many here are too) this is more considered to be via platform/console rather than Zoom, or business calls.

So we're now in a tough spot because I need to work out if we have to reverse engineer the options and words on the Events system because a user can select to make it an Online event easily (and logically they will) whereas actually its better to make it a 'physical' event because people like myself have updated the Physical addresses for the set virtual places people meet already.

With an option to be able to toggle off Online or Physical Events in the small settings it has in the AdminCP, this would be the quick solution. I think there are better ways to implement a change but arguably take longer to code so I'm looking for that quick tactical fix like other companies do post launch.

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I feel a little sad as I don't like to be too critical of changes - I want my comments always to have a positive spin on them, even if there is some constructive feedback involved so we can keep moving forward. I feel with this change, it wasn't what anyone expected and with the ability/chance to give feedback earlier in the process I think these types of changes that feel common sense, could hopefully be avoided in the future on first release.

Fingers crossed you can still make quick changes on this Overview as soon as possible. I've adapted our way of working over the years to the Calendar/Events and converted our members to understanding the way to still make it fun and engaging - I'm just trying to ensure we don't have to backtrack any further than necessary.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can support this change.

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am in a similar boat

as a very temp workaround  you can hide the 'event online' option when adding an event via custom. css

#check_event_online_wrapper{display: none;}


I would expand your suggestion to

have the choice of online and physical locations set at each section/guide level rather than site wide

that way sites can offer different sections if needed





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Thanks @sound, however I'm trying to not touch custom css as much as possible so it caters to as close as the product IPS offer.

23 minutes ago, sound said:

have the choice of online and physical locations set at each section/guide level rather than site wide

Whilst I'm happy to support your suggestion, i'm also realistic - I'm trying to focus on the most needed fix to the newest code deployed as I know we can't get every little change possible. I've wanted the RSVP ability to auto switched on for a long time now but I can handle that abit easier as i've tried my best to educate our community on how events worked for the past 4-5 years.

I don't believe I can even toggle off the 'Online Events' section either on the overview so as you can see, trying to work out an overall workaround is proving difficult.

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